Innovation, Creativity & Excellence.

Nwafor Orizu College Of Education is your gateway to quality and functional learning for today's world. Our institution has grown from a modest background to one known for its outstanding teaching standards. This institution was founded in 1976 as a college of education. Since inception, it has grown to accomodate a lot more courses and disciplines. We realize we are a fountain of knowledge just as we believe that knowledge is power. Power to lead, power to invent and power to liberate.

You are invited to be a part of the innovation going on at Nwafor Orizu College Of Education. We provide our students with a serene and conducive learning environment. We believe, there is a streak of innovation and creativity in everyone. There is a place for those who dare to dream. At Nwafor Orizu College Of Education, we'll help you realize those dreams.

College News

In line with our culture of innovation, we are pleased to welcome you to this new Web site. This new Nwafor Orizu College Of Education site has got a lot to offer students and staff. It aims to eliminate many of the traditional bottlenecks by providing, amongst others, the followingservices :

  • Online School fees payment
  • Online admission tracking (for new/prospecting students).
  • Online admin activites e.g. course change
  • Online course registration & results publication.

We also hope, in the future, to make many of our instructional materials available online. In order to benefit from this new innovation, you will need to go through a very easy registration process.